Set in an 18-acre small-holding, the house uses a barn typology and, working with the contours, this house provides for multi-generational living.

The scheme went through the independent Design Review Panel with OPUN, which gave the opportunity to refine the designs and gave the local authority reassurance about the quality of the designs.

OPUN stated that “The design reflects the highest standards in architecture, most particularly through its approach to the design of the buildings and in the landscape.  The use of form and materials and how these combine, overlap and sit within a broader framework show a very high level of understanding and ability to translate this into a considered scheme of exceptional quality with a refreshing and well-referenced sense of place.”  They went on to say “This is a clever, well-considered, apparently understated yet convincing positive response not often seen.”

The Planning Committee visited the site before their meeting, and were overwhelmingly positive about the designs.  Once again, unanimous approval was granted.