Location:                   Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Project:                      Listed Barn Conversions

Property type:          Converted Barn with contemporary glass link

What our clients asked for:

Design and technical assistance with the conversion and extension of a listed farmhouse and barn; further design and technical input into an additional four barns, to be converted into private residences for sale.

What we did: 

We worked closely with our Clients, who were also the builder / developer, and took approved plans and refined designs and construction details for the main barn conversion.  As this was for their own use, our Clients were keen to make sure every detail was carefully crafted.

We provided design and technical input into four additional barns, ensuring that the character of the barns was celebrated while providing contemporary and spacious homes for the prospective new owners.  Three of the four barns are now occupied… the remaining one is available to buy!

What makes this a special place:

Lynnic Associates Ltd are very different from other developers – their attention to detail, clear understanding of design quality and superb craftsmanship set them well above other builders.  Their double awards, including LABC National Builder of the Year, demonstrate their drive for quality.