Location:                   Ogston, Derbyshire

Project:                      New dwelling in the countryside (under NPPF Paragraph 55 as-was, now Paragraph 79)

Property type:         Private residence of ‘outstanding architectural merit’

What our clients asked for:

A new house on the paddock next to their existing family home

What we did: 

As the site was located in designated ‘countryside’, the only opportunity to apply for a new home was through the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) under Paragraph 55.  (This has now been updated to become NPPF Paragraph 79).  This restricts new dwellings being built in the countryside by imposing strict guidelines for their design.

Lomas and Mitchell Architects linked up with Stainton Planning Consultants and Ares Landscape Architects and we developed the brief with our Clients and carried out extensive site analysis, to ensure the designs were truly of their place.

We worked closely with the Local Authority from the outset, and we used the services of OPUN, the design review panel who provide independent, expert feedback on design quality.  In fact, we went through the review process twice, to ensure the quality of the initial concept was carried through to the submitted project.

The project was taken to the Planning Committee, who described it as ‘beautiful’ and voted for its approval unanimously.